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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the booking process?
Inquire about the date and availability of musicians. Secure the date by signing the contract and paying the deposit, which goes towards your total fee. The balance is due two weeks prior to the ceremony.

2. My ceremony is only 20 minutes long. How does this relate to your fee?
Most ceremonies are 20 minutes long, however we arrive 45 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony to set up, coordinate the processional cues and play prelude music for your guests with trained, seasoned musicians. Prior to the day of your wedding, many hours are spent in correspondence, music consultation and planning. Our fee covers the time spent with you, from the day you book with us until you walk down the aisle!

3. How do I choose the music?
Our music consultation meeting is included in your service when you hire SOMD Strings. We take time to meet with you and discuss all the musical options you have. We make the process of choosing music easy and fun. The end result is a very memorable walk down the aisle to the sound of beautiful music performed by professional musicians. Our references are available upon request.

4. Are there travel fees?
SOMD Strings provides service from St. Mary’s City to Prince Frederick with no additional travel fees. Surcharges apply to events that are ooutside of the service area.

5. Are you amplified for outdoor/large venue weddings?
Yes, we use small battery powered amps for outdoor weddings and events.

6. Do you come to the rehearsal?
No. Music selection, timing, cues, logistics and related details are discussed at the music consultation meeting with Stephanie Gleason months before the wedding ceremony.

7. Do I need to provide anything for the musicians?
Yes, 1 straight back armless chair per musician.

8. What about inclement weather?
The majority of weddings we play have the typical beautiful weather/ Sometimes, due to weather factors beyond everyone’s control, wedding ceremonies that are planned outdoors must sometimes be moved to a safer, more climate controlled environment. By contracting with SOMD Strings musicians, you are agreeing to provide an alternate location if inclement weather should occur. We certainly want to play your music selections, but musicians cannot perform in cold temperatures, high winds or rain.

9. Can you request special music?
We accommodate special music requests that are made 3 months in advance of the wedding date. The fee depends on the arrangement and style of the music, ensemble chosen and amount of rehearsal time required to perform the piece at a professional level.

10. Do you accompany vocalists?
Yes. We have accompanied many vocalists with great success.This is considered a special music request and the above terms apply. To ensure a successful performance, we require a rehearsal with the vocalist prior to the wedding ceremony with an additional fee of $25 per hired musician for that rehearsal.